Alfalfa variety data updated

The Alfalfa Council has released the new 2002-2003 “Fall Dormancy and Pest Resistance Ratings for Alfalfa Varieties.”

Alfalfa growers can use the publication to select varieties that are right for their climate and growing conditions, the council says. This year more than 55 marketers and 250 alfalfa varieties are listed in the publication. The leaflet again features the square, booklet-type format.

The leaflet lists the alfalfa varieties' fall dormancy and pest resistance ratings for the current year from information taken from the Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies and the National Alfalfa Variety Board Report.

Copies are available for 50 cents each by calling the Alfalfa Council at (816) 584-8169 or visiting the Web site at

The Alfalfa Council has developed many alfalfa materials and programs and sponsors tours of alfalfa seed and forage production areas, as well as forums and symposia for farmers and scientists.

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