Arizona: higher ’07 Durum wheat production expected, ’06 cotton crop estimates released

In its first production forecast of the 2007 season, the Arizona office of the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) is forecasting the state’s Durum wheat crop at 240,000 tons, up 8 percent from the 2006 crop.

The area for harvest is estimated at 80,000 acres, yielding an average of 6,000 pounds per acre, unchanged from a year ago.

Final figures on Arizona’s 2006 cotton crop show area planted to upland varieties totaled 190,000 acres with 188,000 acres harvested, NASS reported. The average yield per acre, at 1,420 pounds per acre, was the second highest yield ever recorded, surpassed by the record high yield of 1,458 from the 2004 crop.

Upland production totaled 556,000 bales, 10 percent less than last year.

Pima cotton in Arizona in ’06 was planted and harvested from 7,000 acres, 2,900 acres more than last year. Yields averaged 919 pounds per acre, an increase of 99 pounds from the previous season, NASS said.

Final Pima production totaled 13,400 bales, 6,400 more bales than a year ago. Total cottonseed production was estimated at 214,200 tons, down 18 percent from 2005.

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