California almond IPM team wins award

The Entomological Foundation has named the California Almond Pest Management Alliance Team as the winner of the Integrated Pest Management Team Award.

Funded by Dow AgroSciences, the Integrated Pest Management Team Award recognizes a collaborative effort involving industry and academic scientists that results in a successful IPM approach to control a pest problem in any aspect of agriculture.

The Almond Pest Management Alliance IPM Team is comprised of seven members from both the public and private sectors. The team was formed to develop the publication Seasonal Guide to Environmentally Responsible Pest Management Practices for Almonds based on research and demonstration projects conducted for six to eight years in three primary growing areas in California. The team developed a program of insect pest management that has resulted in substantial reductions of organophosphate use. The program consists of a combination of biological, cultural and reduced risk insecticide alternatives. The publication details seasonal approaches to almond pest management outlining economic thresholds for using reduced risk pesticides and when to use broad spectrum insecticides. Some 13,000 copies were printed and mailed to every almond grower in the state. The team members are:

Walter Bentley, University of California Kearney Agricultural Center

Barat Bisabri, Dow AgroSciences

Joseph Connell, University of California Cooperative Extension, Butte County

Roger Duncan, University of California Cooperative Extension, Stanislaus County

Carolyn Pickel, University of California Cooperative Extension, Sutter-Yuba counties

Mario Viveros, University of California Cooperative Extension, Kern County

Frank Zalom, University of California, Davis

The award will be presented to the team at the Entomological Society of America’s award ceremony in Reno, Nev., next month.

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