California cotton acreage falls below 500,000

USDA/NASS and the California Pink Bollworm program see eye to eye on this year’s California cotton acreage.

The latest USDA state cotton acreage estimate is 450,000 acres, less than 2,000 acres below the pink bollworm program’s physical survey of the state’s cotton fields for its pink bollworm monitoring program. The latest USDA/NASS estimate is 10,000 acres below its March estimate.

The USDA/NASS California field office estimates California's cotton growers planted 185,000 acres of Upland/Acala cotton. This is the lowest acreage ever recorded. The majority of California’s cotton acreage this year, 265,000, is American Pima cotton. The Upland acreage represents a 35 percent decline in acreage from last year, and American Pima acreage is down 4 percent from 2006.

Corn and alfalfa as well as continued orchard and vineyard plantings continue to cut into the California cotton acreage since those crops offer a higher economic return than cotton, particularly Acala/Upland.

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