New apps can benefit Arizona cotton growers

New apps can benefit Arizona cotton growers

Two University of Arizona apps can help Arizona cotton growers improve crop management flexibility.

Mobile and web apps are not just for tweeting thoughts or posting one’s status. The University of Arizona (UA) College of Agriculture and Life Sciences has created high-tech mobile and web applications to help cotton farmers manage their crops.

Arizona growers can now use a smart phone or tablet anywhere – in the field, at home, or on the other side of the world – to manage everything from plant growth and irrigation scheduling to disease control.

Mobile Cotton went live this spring, providing cotton growers and crop consultants with the ability to make decisions based on scientific data provided by the UA’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

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A second app, Differentiating Diseases of Early Season Cotton, helps growers identify and treat diseases, with the goal of preventing new diseases from taking hold in the state. Both apps are free and appear to be the first of their kind specific to Arizona cotton.

To learn more about the new apps, click on this link.

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