Vegalab launches new Spider Mite Control formulation

SMC is a biological pesticide which targets spider mites on plants.

HPC Acquisitions Inc. (Vegalab US) has launched an improved formulation of its Spider Mite Control (SMC) product. SMC is a biological pesticide which targets spider mites - pests which feed on several hundred species of plants.

Untreated, spider mites can cause mottled leaves and quickly destroy an entire plant.

Vegelab US says SMC is highly effective and attacks spider mites in two different ways: blocks the breathing holes of spider mites causing them to die from suffocation; and causes reproductive disruption among female spider mites which leads to infertility, eggs that do not hatch, or mites that do not reach adult stage.

The improved formulation calls for a dilution rate of 1:500-1:1000 (depending on the level of infestation). The previous formulation was a dilution rate of 1:100.

With five times the original concentration, the improved Spider Mite Control drastically lowers the amount of product needed, and therefore the application cost.

Zero pesticide residue is left on the plants.

The improved SMC formulation was made possible by using proprietary nanotechnology and advanced adjuvants. The product is a liquid formulation applied as a foliar spray to plants. It is EPA-approved under FIFRA Section 25(b) as a minimum risk pesticide.

Vegalab US offers a range of effective biological pesticides, fertilizers, and specialty biological agents that are safe to non-target organisms and the environment. The active ingredients consist of primarily oil extracts from different plant sources.

TAGS: Insecticide
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