Envizio Pro from Raven Industries: The next step forward in cost-effective precision guidance systems

Raven Industries has announced a new touch screen-based Global Positioning System (GPS); the Envizio Pro. This new system builds off their highly successful Envizio Plus guidance console with a larger screen, dual application control, and a variable rate application control option.

The Envizio Pro is an ideal choice when setting up a sprayer, fertilizer applicator, anhydrous ammonia toolbar or planter.

Optional features include: AccuBoom - automatic boom section control, Autoboom Glide Series - automatic boom height control, and SmarTrax/QuickTrax - automatic vehicle steering.

“Envizio Pro allows farmers and producers to maximize the return on their acres as well as improve yields and crop quality with proper application rates,” says Marlin Melander, marketing manager of Raven Flow Controls.

“And, with the convenience of AccuBoom section control, SmarTrax assisted steering, and Autoboom height control, the Envizio Pro helps relieve some of the stress and strain of long hours in the field.”

The Envizio Pro uses a bright, sunlight viewable, high resolution VGA 6.4” color touch screen. It also includes a built in sub-meter GPS receiver. The receiver, based on the Hemisphere Crescent engine, provides high accuracy guidance and steering. Along with these features, Raven has added CANbus connections to allow it to be used with any of their CANbus application control systems. This includes spraying, dry fertilizer and chemical applications.

Envizio Pro will be available fall 2007.

For additional information visit www.ravenind.com/RavenCorporate/.

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