Holstein cow on Lakeside Dairy near Hanford Calif

The value of dairy output in Kings County, Calif. may have exceeded the value of cotton, but the white fiber crop is nevertheless a valuable part of overall agricultural output as cottonseed is a major staple in the diet of the county's milk herd.

Cotton still important in Kings County, Calif.

Top 3 Kings County commodities: milk, cotton, cattle and calves. Almonds rank number four. Cotton yields have improved by a full bale, on average, in the last 50 years.    

Fifty years ago cotton was King in Kings County, Calif. Since then the cream has risen to the top of the bucket to put milk production in the number one spot.

Kings County’s agricultural value grew a modest 2.4 percent to $2.26 billion in 2013, according to Kings County Agricultural Commissioner Tim Niswander.

Still, cotton lint and cottonseed in Kings County beat out all other California counties in 2012, according to the latest agricultural report issued by the county.

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