Dairy cows power Tulare Countys economic engine

The milk value produced by Tulare County, Calif. producers soared past $2 billion in 2013 with production at more than 112 million hundredweight.

Tulare County boasts $7.8 billion ag value in 2013

Tulare County leads the nation in milk production. Citrus value pushes past $1billion for the first time. 40,000 new acres of permanent crop plantings in 2013.    

Do you have your milk money? Dairymen in Tulare County, Calif. certainly do.

After tanking for more than a year, milk prices flowed in the other direction, hitting record highs in 2013. The move pushed Tulare County’s agricultural value higher than it’s ever been.

The total value of the 120-plus commodities produced in the county in 2013 soared nearly 26 percent to more than $7.8 billion. Even Tulare County Agricultural Commissioner Marilyn Kinoshita appeared shocked at th

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