Winery: Solar is socially, environmentally responsible

Arizona is the land of brilliant, warming sunshine about 330 sunny days a year. This means 11 of the 12 months are nearly cloudless in the Grand Canyon State.

With the abundant sunshine in the West, harnesing solar power by agriculture continues as a rapidly-growing part of sustainable farm business models. West Coast wineries were likely the first agricultural enterprises to turn on the sun switch and turn off the power grid.

While in college, Eric Glomski discovered a need to be socially and environmentally responsible in the process of making a living. 

After working for a winery in California, Glomski moved to Arizona and today is the vineyard owner and winemaker at Page Springs Cellars and Vineyards. The winery just became Arizona's first winery to go solar.

State and federal funding of about $100,000 in incentives - about a quarter-to-a-third of the solar system cost - will help provide up to 85 percent of the winery’s annual power needs.

Enjoy these photos from the Page Springs operation in Cornville, located southwest of Flagstaff.


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