Well drilling rig

A well drilling rig working in western Fresno County, Calif. Well failures and sinking water tables have kept well companies busy in California.

10 must-read drought stories for Aug. 13

Tribes seek boost in Oregon, California water flows to aid salmon American Indian tribes want higher Klamath River flows to reduce disease in trout and salmon.

Cal Poly irrigation center helps teach agriculture industry to combat drought Program aims to help farmers practically employ latest water-saving technology

Tulloch Lake dropping early to cool Stanislaus River fish Battle continues between federal regulators and locals over best use of Stanislaus River water.

Price, risk weigh heavily on farmers who would draw from Delta water tunnels Firebaugh farmer not entirely sure Governor’s twin-tunnel plan will work, even though on paper it sounds good.

Yellow sludge in Colorado river continues spread, reaches New Mexico Toxic flow impacts river as it meanders through three states on its way to Lake Powell.

EPA causes toxic spill into Colorado river Federal agency charged with protecting the environment is to blame for catastrophe that could seriously impact water users on the massive Colorado River system.

A once-flourishing Pima cotton industry withers in an arid California Drought claims more than food; farmers growing premium cotton forced to idle land dedicated to Pima cotton.

Carson Bruno: Australia can teach us about drought What can California learn from Australia? How one country can teach another about water during drought.

California drought conservation creating hidden costs for farmers The unintended consequences of water-saving technology.

DWR releases new guidebook to assist with agricultural water management plans Guide is intended to help agricultural water suppliers understand state’s Agricultural Water Management Plan requirements.

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