Drip irrigation in citrus

Drip irrigation is a technology many California farmers have used for decades.

10 must-read drought stories for June 17

What are others saying about drought in the West?

  1. A house that thumbs its nose at the drought: Some rather interesting technology, developed in Australia, that recycles household “grey” water (not toilet water, but from sinks and showers). A California builder is already incorporating it into new homes.
  2. Gov. Brown: Drought should be catalyst for a more sustainable California: Governor suggests recent mandate to curb water use by 25 percent should be a “lifestyle rather than a temporary belt-tightening.”
  3. California drought defies easy solutions at Senate hearing: California farmer Cannon Michael tells Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee that his loss of farm water costs him, his employees and his community.
  4. Dams, reservoirs may not be best answer: An elected assembly member in California called surface storage “a dinosaur” and thus opposed a plan to fast-track dam and reservoir construction in California.
  5. Rein in California’s farmers to solve the drought? Not so fast: After seeing cherries harvested in San Joaquin Valley one journalist has a positive perspective on Ag water use.
  6. Think we can end California’s drought by eating differently? Think again: Public Policy Institute poll suggests most of California believes water and the drought is most important issue facing California today.
  7. Drought forging new water partnerships: Bakersfield treatment plant seeks water deal to continue operating.
  8. $110 million in drought aid going to California, other Western states, White House says: Some of the federal money will include assistance for those who lost jobs because of the drought to find temporary jobs.
  9. Texas planners look to aquifers to prepare for next drought: Recent torrential rains in Texas have planners looking at how to push similar surplus water underground as a “savings account” for the next drought.
  10. Drought emergencies declared in 19 Oregon counties: Drought is not just California’s problem; the Golden State’s northern neighbor is also suffering now as more than half of the state’s counties are officially in a state of drought.
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