Craft beers suffering from California drought

It's not just our food supply that's suffering; the California drought could have an impact on craft beer makers.

10 must-read western drought stories - May 27

Will craft beer makers be negatively impacted? Are there lessons to learn from Down Under? Are forecasts of a wet winter in California a 'sure thing?'

  1. California looks Down Under for drought advice: Can California learn from what Australia went through.
  2. Heavy rains in Texas, Oklahoma fuel hope for California drought relief: To some in California, all these reports of heavy rain in Texas and Oklahoma sound like bragging, but does it portend California’s future after drought ravaged that region just a few years ago?
  3. Turning sewage into drinking water gains appeal as drought linger: Some are concerned that flushing all that sewage into the ocean is wasteful.
  4. Scientists now predicting near 100 percent chance of strong El Nino, but rainfall isn’t always guaranteed: With such a “sure thing” bet as a drought-breaking deluge come this winter in California are the same scientists running to Vegas to put their paychecks where their prognostications are?
  5. Amid drought, grass isn’t greener for California sod farmers: It’s not just vegetable crops and some permanent crops being pulled; sod farmers are losing money as California’s drought lingers.
  6. California gardeners struggle for work during drought: As homeowners yank lawns and give up on manicured landscapes, yet another California industry begins to go dry.
  7. Farmers agree to water cuts in California: Growers volunteer to give up some of their water now to possibly avoid worse cutbacks later in the year.
  8. The Texas drought ends; climate alarmists wrong again: What was once supposed to be the death of Texas and Oklahoma have been wiped away by flooding rains.
  9. Eight more Oregon counties in drought emergency: It’s not just California that’s suffering with too little water; shortages are being experienced because of a similar lack of winter snow.
  10. Is the California drought affecting the craft brewing industry? First it was our fruits, vegetables and nuts… now our beer? Is there anything the drought isn’t hurting?
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