Erik Wilson shares how jobs depend on agriculture

Erik Wilson and Steve Malanca formed "My Job Depends on Ag" earlier this year to give voice to California farmers. Since its inception in May the Facebook page has grown to nearly 50,000 followers and large agricultural organizations are taking notice of the grass-roots effort. Wilson says it's become a purely "organic" method for farmers and ranchers to communicate about agriculture that is taking root.

Wilson is a farmer and custom spray operator in the Dos Palos area of California and Malanca sells tractors in nearby Kerman. The pair have several ideas of how they want to see the organization grow.

According to Wilson it all began with a Facebook page aimed at allowing California farmers to share simple things with each other and the public.

The idea has since blossomed to sell "My Job Depends on Ag" stickers that include the shape of different states and is in the process of forming a non-profit board of directors.

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