10 ag stories you should read today, April 23

10 ag stories you should read today, April 23

Anti-biotech army marches on. Good times for California ag. Death by drone for wild pigs. Wine waste for broiler feed? Eating dirt. A cap-and-trade affair. Separating neonic fact and fiction. And more.

1. Science Collapse Disorder -- The Real Story Behind Neonics and Mass Bee Deaths

Fingering the neonicotinoid culprit? Separating fact from fiction.

2. Top 5 Lies about Biotech Crops

The anti-biotech army marches on; science is a mere inconvenience.

3. Good Times for California Agriculture

Investors are chasing land, but more often than not it is farmers who are beating them out.

4. Hunting Wild Pigs with Drones

Cy Brown and James Palmer, engineers and part-time airplane hobbyists in Louisiana, have built something they call the “Dehogiflier,” an R/C airplane with a thermal imaging camera — a homemade drone.

5. Wine Waste for Broiler Feed?

Grape seed, skins and stems for animal nutrition?

6. Peak Farmland Grinds Against Cropland Expansion

Welcome to Peak Farmland. The belief that a human plague is gobbling up the Earth has been turned on its head.

7. Eating Dirt

Forget sushi. Japan’s foodies have turned their attention to a new delicacy on Tokyo menus — dirt (Bargain price as well: only $110 per person).

8. Critical Roll of Wild Pollinators

About three-quarters of global food crops require insect pollination to thrive.

9. The End of a Cap-and-Trade Affair

Europe’s cap-and-trade system is the pillar of its approach to dealing with greenhouse gas emissions and has influenced policy makers from California to Australia. It's come at a high cost — and it has done almost no good.

10. How one family changed hog farming

The tale of ham’s innovation began 200 years ago and paved the way for how ham is produced today.


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