Farmer makes mammoth find

An Iowa farmer has made a spectacular find on his property — a fossilized mammoth, and it's possibly complete.

From the Daily Mail:

A farmer in rural Iowa has a mammoth secret hiding in his living room. 

Amid his couch, coffee table and television, he has a collection of enormous wooly mammoth fossils that he excavated from his backyard in Oskaloosa.

Experts believe he has an entire skeleton of the 14,000-year-old ice age creature on his property, a rare find.

But the man, who gives his name only as John, plans to keep the fossils for himself. For now they're just piling up in his living room, WOI-DT in Des Moines, Iowa, reports.

'Sometimes I get tired of moving bones around from one spot to the other,' he told the TV station.

He has stacks and vertebrae and ribs cluttering his house.

The most impressive bone, though is the five-foot-long femur.

Woolly mammoths were hairy relatives of African elephants, and were roughly the same size -- up to 13 feet tall.

For more, see: Iowa farmer finds a wooly mammoth skeleton in his backyard... and he's keeping it in his LIVING ROOM

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