Stark stepping down as CAPCA executive

Stark stepping down as CAPCA executive

Terry Stark will step down Dec. 31 as the president and chief executive officer of the California Association of Pest Control Advisers. Stark steps down after 10 years, leaving CAPCA a stronger and more influential organization, according to those who have worked with him. Jackson Gualco of Sacramento, the organization’s contract lobbyist, says, "Terry has taken CAPCA to a whole new level with what has accomplished in the years he has been there.”    

Not unlike many high school graduates in 1967, Terry Stark didn’t want to go to Vietnam when he graduated from Round Rock, Texas high school.

Stark is as patriotic as it come and was proud of his family’s military service. His father fought on Guadalcanal in World War II; his uncle was a Korean War vet, both Marines. However, he did not want to “get shot at” in Southeast Asia.

That was a major reason he enrolled in Southwest Texas State College (now Texas State University)

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