UC Davis Weed Day draws capacity crowd

The UC Davis Weed Day is popular among a cross-section of agricultural interests. It typically draws university representatives including weed science experts, farm advisors, graduate students, visiting professors, technical experts from the various chemical companies and even state and federal regulators.

The 58th annual event was no different, which pleased event Chairman Brad Hanson, himself a weed scientist from UC Davis.

Morning activities typically include tours of the UC Davis field plots and the USDA-ARS station on campus, with afternoon sessions featuring presentations related to current research and recently-published papers.

While the mid-summer event can sometimes present uncomfortably-warm conditions for visitors to the campus research plots, this year’s weather moderated enough to make the outdoor sessions tolerable, if not almost comfortable.

Much of this year’s discussions centered on weed resistance to commonly-used herbicides and practical discussions on the applied science research being done within the University of California.

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