Agribiz: Gowan receives EPA label for Domark fungicide

California approval is pending; could come in 2015

Gowan USA recently received EPA label approval for Domark 230ME fungicide in corn and soybeans. The label does not include registered use in Arizona and California.

California approval is pending and could come in mid-2015. Domark will not be registered for use in Arizona.

Domark is based on the active ingredient tetraconazole which has been useful in controlling diseases for several years on soybeans and corn. More recently, tetraconazole was included in a premix with azoxystrobin for use on corn and soybeans as Affiance fungicide launched in 2014.

Domark represents the fourth tetraconazole-based brand Gowan will exclusively distribute through its partnership with Isagro S.p.A., which was formed a year ago. 

In 2012, Domark was granted a label for use on corn to control several problematic diseases such as common and southern rust, northern corn leaf blight and spot, southern corn leaf blight, gray leaf spot, and eye spot. 

Gowan Company, based in Yuma, Ariz. is a family-owned registrant and marketer of crop protection products.

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