Cheminova's Cercobin fungicide has CA-AZ approval

The new fungicide Cercobin from Cheminova, Inc. is available for California and Arizona growers of almonds, apples, beans, garlic, onions, pecans, pistachios, potatoes, stone fruit, strawberries and sugar beets.

The Group 1 fungicide provides preventative and curative disease control for a host of conditions. Its active ingredient is Thiophanate-methyl. It can be used alone, as a rotational partner or tank-mixed with other fungicides depending on the crop.

Cercobin controls white mold in dry and edible beans; Cercospora on sugar beets; scab and sooty blotch on apples; brown rot on stone fruit; and botrytis and powdery mildew on labeled crops.

Cercobin is a trademark of Nippon Soda Co., Ltd. used under license by Cheminova, Inc.

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