FMC launches fungicide with new mode of action

FMC Corporation is launching Fracture fungicide, a new broad spectrum, biological fungicide labeled for the prevention and control of powdery mildew, botrytis and brown rot blossom blight.

Fracture is a patented fungicide labeled for use in the United States.

California Department of Pesticide Regulation approval is pending on almonds, grapes, strawberries and tomatoe. This is the first biological fungicide to be launched by FMC since announcing Biosolutions as a strategic initiative in late 2013.

Fracture fungicide includes a new mode of action for disease management. It works on contact by deforming and inhibiting fungal cell production, ultimately tearing apart the cell wall and disrupting the fungal cell membrane.

Within eight hours, the fungal cell is dead.

The active ingredient, Banda de Lupinus albus doce (BLAD), is so new that it is not yet classified by the current FRAC group codes. BLAD is a naturally occurring seed storage protein from the sweet lupine plant.

With a one-day pre-harvest interval and a four-hour re-entry interval, Fracture can be applied up to five times per season which provides growers with a flexible management tool that offers quick, reliable disease control and meets or exceeds established standards.

All state registrations for Fracture have been received, with the exception of California and Florida, which are expected soon.

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