Nutra-Flo introduces new line of potassium products

Nutra-Flo fertilizer company recently introduced the Nutra-K product line from PureGrade.

The Nutra-K line contains five specialized potassium products to boost potassium and sulfur levels for maximum yield and crop quality. These products are low-salt formulations to allow for safe starter and foliar applications.

The Nutra-K line contains five unique products derived from different potassium sources to meet the specific agronomic needs of each grower’s crop. The products are Nutra-K24 derived from potassium acetate; Nutra-K30 and Nutra-K32 derived from potassium carbonate; Nutra-KTS derived from potassium thiosulfate; and Nutra-KS23 derived from potassium sulfite.

The Nutra-K product line is available through a network of more than 600 dealers across North America for the 2015 season. For more information on these products or to order, contact the Nutra-Flo customer support team by calling 1-800-831-4815 or emailing [email protected]

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