Lake McClure

The upper end of Lake McClure goes dry in early 2015.

Top 5 California drought stories - May 15

What Western Farm Press and others are saying about the California drought.

The California drought is commanding much discussion these days. Here are five stories you don’t want to miss.

California reservoirs inch closer to going dry: Western Farm Press features five California reservoirs facing dire water levels this season.

Sacramento water coalition works to avoid feared ‘dead pool’ at Folsom Dam: For urban water planners, 'dead pool' is one ominous phrase with an equally fearful meaning.

Sacramento wants to grow; will drought say no? Urban planners don’t like to hear the term 'no growth,' but a lack of sustainable water for communities is forcing cities to rethink urban expansion.

What California’s almond farms really look like: Central Valley almond farmers Jason Jasper and Nick Gatzman explain how they effectively utilize every drop of irrigation water through technology as growers scratch to find enough to keep their trees alive.

California drought is dripping with irony: Author and historian Victor Davis Hanson points out the irony in California’s water debates.

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