Agribiz: Micromite IGR approved for California citrus

California regulators recently approved Micromite 80WGS insect growth regulator for use in citrus.

Agriphar Crop Solutions (formerly Chemtura AgroSolutions) produces Micromite as a selective insecticide for control of key fruit and tree pests including the Asian citrus psyllid, citrus rust mites, the citrus root weevil complex, citrus leaf miners, citrus peelminer, katydids and grasshoppers.

Micromite starts controlling pests at the egg stage and lasts through multiple life stages. It is also easy on beneficial insects and pollinators. Micromite also impacts female ACP and citrus weevil fertility, so fewer eggs hatch and reach adulthood.

Micromite offers growers a number of benefits including a short pre-harvest spraying interval of seven days and a reduced retreatment interval for full-rate applications of 30 days.

A wide inclusion of citrus crops is covered under this label, which provides for a pre-harvest interval of seven days.

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