CCAGA Annual: 'Good Times' TV star 'dyn-o-mite'

It was "Good Times," good food, and "dyn-o-mite!" entertainment at the 51st annual meeting of the Central California Almond Growers Association (CCAGA) held June 24 in Fresno, Calif. 

Jimmy 'J.J.' Walker of the 1970's television sitcom "Good Times" was the headine act for the evening event, which was also marked by the election of three members to the CCAGA Board of Directors:

Denis Prosperi was re-elected to the board and will continue as chairman. Tim DaSilva was re-elected to the board. Jimmy Anderson was elected as a new board director.

Association President Michael Kelley announced to the membership that the 2013 CCAGA season included the largest-ever amount of almond meat equivalents processed by the huller-sheller cooperative.

More than 104.8 million pounds of meat equivalents were processed, beating out the 2011 record of about 104 million pounds.

In keeping with noteworthy accomplishments, the annual meeting was attended by a record 350 people at TorNino's Banquet Hall.

The association can credit new equipment and dry weather that helped hull and shell record throughput at its Kerman and Sanger locations.

CCAGA is based in Kerman,Calif.

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