Asian citrus psyllids

Adult Asian citrus psyllids feeding on a citrus leaf.

CDFA expands ACP boundary in Tulare County, Calif.

Asian citrus psyllid continues to be found in Tulare County, Calif. Quarantine boundary pushes westward from Porterville Information on the Asian citrus psyllid is available online    

California officials expanded Tulare County’s Asian citrus psyllid (ACP) quarantine zone after another detection of the invasive pest was made west of Porterville.

The addition brings the total quarantine area in Tulare County to 746 square miles.

The new quarantine zone measures 13 square miles in Tulare County, bordered on the north by Avenue 184; on the east by W Westfield Avenue; on the south by Avenue 144; and on the west by Road 192. This area is in addition to the

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