A 3-bale year for Arizona cotton growers

A 3-bale year for Arizona cotton growers

NASS predicts Arizona all-cotton yields at 1,468 pounds per acre this year from 154,500 acres. Upland represents 99 percent of the Arizona crop.

All-cotton production in Arizona is expected to hit 3-bale-per-acre yields this year - 1,468 pounds/acre, according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).

NASS projects production at 472,500 480-pound bales, down 23 percent from last year. This year’s total cotton acreage is estimated at 154,500 acres, down 45,500 acres from last year.

Upland constitutes 99 percent of the cotton grown in the Grand Canyon State. The remainder is Pima.

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Nationally, all-cotton production is forecast at 13.1 million 480-pound bales, down 24 percent from last year. Yield is expected to average 808 pounds per harvested acre, up 79 pounds from last year.

U.S. Upland cotton production is forecast at 12.5 million 480-pound bales, down 25 percent from 2012.

Pima cotton production in the U.S. is forecast at 625,500 bales.

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