10 agriculture stories you should read today, Jan. 27

10 agriculture stories you should read today, Jan. 27

Killer bread tale. The Devil's anvil. Data-sharing with agribusiness. Nazis. Farmer privacy and agroterror. Wife wanted sign. Wild West nut thieves. Slippery beyond belief. What expert tasters?


1. Jackknife in Bread Redemption Road [4]

Dave Dahl’s redemption road from drugs and 15 years in prison to phenomenal success with Dave's Killer Bread has jackknifed back toward a courtroom. (Willamette Weekly) [4]

2. Agribusiness Wants Your Data [5]

Clear as mud: What's the future of data-sharing for U.S. agriculture? (NPR) [5]

3. Nazis, Slave Labor and a Farm’s Legacy [6]

A remote farm on the wrong side of the Atlantic still bears the swastika marks from a forgotten piece of Nazi history, and a few survivors are telling the tale. (WFP) [6]

4. Farmer Privacy and Agroterror = EPA in Court [7]

Roughly a year after the Harris Ranch attack, and alongside growing alarm over the vulnerability of U.S. agriculture, the EPA's release of private farmer data has resulted in a benchmark lawsuit. (National Review) [7]

5. The Devil’s Anvil [8]

California’s drought is taking a severe toll on agriculture and pushing ranchers like Harold Kelly to the financial edge. (CNN) [8]

Slippery beyond belief

6. Wife Wanted Sign [9]

A German farmer hung a “wife wanted” sign up and in poured the offers — so many that “ he has confirmed he is now only intending to consider the younger women who apply.” (Mirror) [9]

7. Wild West of Nut Thieves [10]

For producers, it’s tempting to grow tree nuts. For criminals, it’s tempting to steal tree nuts. Walnuts, almonds, pistachios … millions of dollars in stolen nuts are exchanging hands. (Business Insider) [10]

8. Slippery Beyond Belief [11]

If a new MIT-developed coating pans out — there’s not an industry in the U.S. that won’t be interested. LiquiGlide — nothing sticks to the very last drop. (Fast Company) [11]

9. What Expert Tasters? [12]

It’s best to spot an old fake before you taste it. (Wine Spectator) [12]

10. Saving Radioactive Cows [13]

In the shadow of Fukushima, a rancher is trying to save his cows from a kill order.

(New York Times) [13]


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