Organic industry’s credibility under fire

Organic industry’s credibility under fire

Organic supporters often ignore sustainability contradictions at the heart of their passion.

Many consumers — especially those who consider themselves ‘progressive’ — have come to embrace the hard-edged beliefs, promoted by factions of the organic industry, that gene-altered crops are less safe, nutritious and sustainable than organic crops and foods.

The chief promoter of anti-biotechnology claims is the Organic Consumers Association [2] led by Ronnie Cummins, with some help from foodies like Michael Pollan [3] and Mark Bittman [4]. The OCA has campaigned relentlessly against conventional agriculture, but it’s greatest ire is reserved for biotech crops and foods.

The OCA’s home page promotes a litany of anti-science posts—mostly tirades written by Cummins or from well-known anti-biotech advocacy groups, usually with no reputable sources linked. The centerpiece of its current campaign is a guide [5] titled “GMO Myths and Truths [6].” If only to ridicule them, OCA lists claims made by prominent scientists and endorsed by every major science organization [7] of note in the world, including in Europe where politicians, but not scientists, have promoted bans and restrictions.

For more, see, Organic industry’s credibility eroded by misinformation about GE foods [8]


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