Gordon Wardell inspects bees

Gordon Wardell is a bee biologist with Paramount Farms in California. Paramount grows 46,000 acres of almonds in the Central Valley and is very concerned about bee colony health issues. Wardell works to promote bee health within agriculture.

Bee health: It's more than just about nuts and honey

The buzz of a strong bee colony is vital to California's multi-billion almond industry. Without bees there are no almonds.

Bees also pollinate a variety of other commodities that consumers eat. It is therefore important for growers and those employed by them to ensure that honeybee health is promoted throughout the industry.

Paramount Farms in California is working to ensure that the bees they use for their almond pollination return to beekeepers healthier than when they arrived to pollinate the company's 46,000 acres of almonds in Central California. To augment those bees, Paramount Farms is conducting research on a variety of solitary, wild bee to see if it can aid in the pollination of almonds.