10 agriculture stories you should read today, Dec. 23

10 agriculture stories you should read today, Dec. 23

Al-Qaeda on US farmland? Extreme crossbreeding. Buried treasure. Sweet killer bee honey. Rudy K's wild ride. Pigford squabble. Tom Terrific. Naked guitar.


1. Al-Qaeda on US Farmland? [4]

In 2002, a Navy SEAL team found an alarming paper trail in an Afghani cave cluster: Agriculture articles translated into Arabic. USDA documents. A list of livestock pathogens. A rundown of crop diseases. And … training documents — how to deploy pathogens on farms. (Modern Farmer) [4]

2. Extreme Crossbreeding [5]

Spider-goats: Take a spider gene that encodes web production and place and mix it in a goat’s udder DNA. What do you get? Literally, an elastic milk filled with spider-silk protein that is showing great promise in the medical field. And spider-goats aren’t even cutting edge. (The Guardian) [5]

3. Treasure in the Field — Literally [6]

Catch a field after a rain; run a metal detector over forgotten ground; or simply stand in a favored spot when a field is flipped — and in those painfully rare moments the ground may give up a treasure — literally. (WFP) [6]

4. Sweet Taste of Killer Bee Honey [7]

Other than facing death, beekeepers are having great success with killer bee honey. (Scientific American) [7]

5. Rudy K’s Wild Ride [8]

Rudy Kurniawan is looking at up to 40 years after conviction for wine fraud. (Los Angeles Times) [8]

Tom Terrific, Rolls Royce

6. Tom Seaver — Mound to Vineyard [9]

Tom Seaver is a satisfied man, trading the dirt of a pitcher’s mound for vineyard soil — and isn’t looking back. (Sports on Earth) [9]

7. Never Poke a Bull With a Stick [10]

A stick? Seriously? A stick? (Daily Mail) [10]

8. Rolls-Royce Salmon Tanker [11]

The finest ride to death a salmon could ask for — in a boat designed by Rolls-Royce. (Businessweek) [11]

9. Pigford Squabble [12]

One of the South’s prominent African-American law firms is in a fight over money after helping black farmers nationwide win $1.2 billion in a discrimination case. (Montgomery Advertiser) [12]

10. Naked in a Guitar Case [13]

When some Oklahoma ranchers checking on their herd came across Zackery Aders, 31, he was battling a wind chill in the 20s — and naked inside a guitar case. (Muskogee Phoenix) [13]


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