Jesse Small mdash a farming legend

Jesse Small — a farming legend.

10 agriculture stories you should read today, Oct. 21

Farmland 6 inches deep in oil. The legend of Jesse Small. Farmer's 8-inch miracle. Picking grapes on high. Pee in the reservoir. Champagne enforcers. Burn pit tragedy. Missiles for milk. And more.


1. Farmland 6 Inches Deep in Oil Crud

What did you find in your fields during harvest — a 20,000-barrel oil spill? Steve Jensen found oil crud on his land, but on top, not beneath. (Seattle Post [4])

2. 8-inch Miracle Saves Farmer

Eight inches separated life and death for Gregory Porter when he was run over and dragged along the entire length of a 26-foot-long cattle trailer. (Watertown Daily Times [5])

3. The Legend Rolls On — 89-year-old Jesse Small

Recipe for longevity: 13 hours each day in a combine during harvest and six days a week in a fishing boat during the off-season — standing up. (DFP [6])

4. Blizzard Stacks Up Cattle Carcasses

Five feet of snow and wicked winds have left the cattle industry reeling in South Dakota. (New York Times [7])

5. Picking Wine Grapes on High

Fear of heights? Then don’t apply for work at these wine estates. Check out the efforts of these wine grape pickers. (Daily Mail [8])


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6. Champagne Enforcers Chase 1,000 Cases Per Year

Touch not the Champagne name. A Californian spring water company is the latest draw Champagne wrath. (Decanter [10])

7. Pee in the Reservoir

How's this for water management? 8 million gallons of drinking water dumped after man pees in reservoir. (The Oregonian [11])

8. Burn Pit Tragedy Ends With Dementia Dismissal

Three people fell into farmer Phillip Whitney’s burn pits from 1996-2011 in a chain of tragedies compounded by neglect and dereliction. (Tri-City Herald [12])

9. How a Kid’s Cartoon Ruined Japanese Ag

Anybody remember Rascal the raccoon? He’s destroying Japanese agriculture. (Nautilus [13])

10. Missiles for Milk

How does a government pay its milk debt? With fighter jets and a submarine, of course. (The Guardian [14])


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