BASF's Nealta miticide receives California registration

Nealta miticide from BASF has received registration for use in California.

BASF says Nealta delivers long-lasting control of spider mites at all life stages through a unique mode of action. It is labeled for use on tree nuts (almonds and pistachios), grapes, strawberries, citrus, tomatoes, apples, and pears.

A company news release says mites infest California crops each year, causing growers to treat more than four million acres each season. With Nealta miticide, growers in California now have a new tool that can be used as part of an integrated pest management program.

One treatment of Nealta miticide delivers high efficacy against spider mites at all life stages, including eggs.

Laboratory studies with twospotted spider mite adults show Nealta miticide provides 100 percent mortality after three hours of direct exposure, and 95 percent mortality 8.5 hours after indirect exposure.

Nealta miticide keeps working to provide excellent knockdown and residual control of problematic mites.
Research suggests Nealta miticide is compatible with beneficials and non-target arthropods, including insidious flower bugs, seven-spotted lady beetles, and western predatory mites.

Nealta miticide also offers a short pre-harvest interval, application flexibility and tank-mix compatibility.

Nealta is also registered in Arizona.

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