Pistachio harvest near Tulare Calif

Pistachio harvest near Tulare, Calif.

Western Ag Processors targets improved tree nut representation

WAPA was formed in 2009 WAPA embarks on plan to boost board representation Organization wants broad base of nut crops and facilities represented  

In an effort to expand its representation of the tree nut industry, the Western Agricultural Processors Association has embarked on a three-year process to expand its board of directors.

The Fresno, Calif.-based organization was formed in 2009 to answer the industry’s call for representation and expertise in critical compliance areas, such as air pollution, food safety and safety services.

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As part of that effort WAPA named several new board members, boosting its board to 10 members. The goal is to increase the board of directors to 15 members within the next three years, according to WAPA President and CEO Roger Isom.

Five new members were named to the board as three members will leave the board after five years of service.

Those being named to the WAPA Board of Directors include:

  • Kirk Squire, Horizon Nut, a pistachio processor in Tulare;
  • David Stanfield, Summerfield Farms, a walnut huller/dehydrator in Hanford;
  • Pat Andersen, Andersen and Sons Shelling, a walnut huller/processor in Vina;
  • Jason Baldwin, Perfect Pac, an almond processor in Kerman; and,
  • Dan Pronsolino, Sierra Valley Almonds, an almond huller/processor located in Firebaugh and Madera. 

Three of the founding directors to the board who step down after five years of service include:

  • Don Van Schuyver, Semi-Tropic Co-op;
  • Mark Turmon, Sierra Valley Almonds; and
  • Bob Lange, Sierra Valley Hulling.

The trio has been on the board since WAPA was formed in July, 2009. Lange previously served as chairman of WAPA.

According to Isom, these board members helped form the association and played a major role in the development and growth of WAPA.

The goal of the expansion is to ensure as broad a cross section of representation as possible to cover nut type, region of the state and type of facility: huller or processor.


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