Free app available to help strawberry and vegetable growers

A free smart phone and tablet app is available on iOS and Android devices to help strawberry and vegetable growers.

Got strawberries & vegetables? There's an app for that

App can be found by searching "IPMinfo" on iOS and Android Current information available for strawberries Other crops will be added in the future

A smart phone and tablet app developed last year for vegetable and strawberry growers has expanded platforms.

Released for iOS devices last year by Surendra Dara, University of California strawberry and vegetable crops advisor in San Luis Obispo County, the app is now available for Android devices on Google Play Store at

Search “IPMinfo” on Apple and Android devices to find the free app.

IPMinfo currently has information about strawberry pests and diseases, and details on weeds and disorders. Multiple crops will be added in the near future.

English and Spanish options are available for pests; English-only is available for diseases as of now. This is just the first version of the new and improved app.

Dara also recently released two new articles about entomopathogenic fungi promoting plant growth and protecting against plant pathogens. Access the following online for more information:

Dara invites those using the app to submit constructive criticism and input on the app. Simply e-mail him at [email protected].

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