19th annual Fall Desert Crops Workshop Nov. 4

Southern California and Southwest Arizona growers and pest control advisers should mark their calendars for Nov. 4 to attend the 19th annual Fall Desert Crops Workshop at the Barbara Worth Resort, Holtville, Calif.

The workshop is free and will cover a wide range of topics from E. coli to a new bioenergy crop called Jatropha to pests and Asian citrus psyllid.

The University of California and University of Arizona have organized the program. Eric Natwick, UC Cooperative Extension director, Imperial County, is the conference chairman.

Western Farm Press is the official conference sponsor.

Continuing education credit is pending for California and Arizona, plus CCA credit.

The tentative agenda includes:

7:30 - Registration

7:45 - Welcome - Cary Blake, Associate Editor, Western Farm Press

7:50 - Invasive Plant Management - Carl Bell, Regional Invasive Plants Advisor, UC Cooperative Extension, San Diego County

8:20 - Vegetable Insect Management - John Palumbo, Research Scientist and Extension Specialist, UA Yuma Agricultural Center, Yuma, Ariz.

8:50 - An Overview of Producing VRA (Variable Rate Application) Prescription Maps - Kurt Knolte, Director, UA Cooperative Extension, Yuma County;

9:10 - Jatropha: A Potential New Crop for Desert Agriculture and Bio-Energy Production - Sham S Goyal, UC Davis Agronomy Specialist.

9:30 - E. coli and Human Pathogens Concerning Leafy Vegetables

10:00 - Break

10:15 - Update on Asian Citrus Psyllid - Eric Natwick,

10:35 - Citrus Greening Disease - Marylou Polek, Plant Pathologist, California Department of Food and Agriculture, Sacramento, Calif.

11:00 - Weed Management in Citrus - Milton McGiffen Jr., UC Cooperative Extension, Specialist, Plant Physiologist, Riverside, Calif.;

11:25 - Update on Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus and Tomato Phytoplasma: Implications for California Tomato Production - Maria Rojas or Robert Gilbertson - Plant Biologist, UC Davis;

11:45 - Epidemiology and Management of Cucurbit Yellow Stunting Disorder Virus in Desert Melons - Judith Brown, professor, University of Arizona, Tucson, Ariz.

12:05 - Lunch courtesy of Western Farm Press and commercial sponsors.

For more information and to pre-register, contact Eric Natwick at [email protected] or (760) 352-9474, or Cary Blake, associate editor, Western Farm Press, at [email protected] or (480) 248-9735. Growers may register at the door.

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