2008 California grape acreage report summary

California’s 2008 wine-type grape acreage is estimated at 526,000 acres, according to the Sacramento, Calif., field office of the National Agricultural Statistics Service.

Of the total acres, 482,000 were bearing and 44,000 were non-bearing.

Table-type grape acreage totaled 93,000 acres with 83,000 bearing and 10,000 non-bearing.

Acreage of raisin-type grapes totaled 225,000 acres, of which 221,000 were bearing and 4,000 were non-bearing.

The leading wine-type varieties continued to be Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Flame Seedless was the leading table-type grape variety.

Thompson Seedless continued to be the leading raisin-type variety and was utilized for raisins, fresh market, concentrate, and wine.

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