6 percent of raisins produced on overhead trellis

Almost six percent of the California raisin type grapes are produced using the overhead trellis management systems, according to the USDA/NASS California field office.

This six percent represents 13,618 acres (bearing and non-bearing) during last season.

The Dovine and Fiesta varieties had the highest percentage of acreage using the overhead trellis system, at 57.4 percent and 39.9 percent, respectively. Approximately 35 percent of the total raisin type acreage planted since 2001 was managed using this system. More than 13 percent of the raisin type acreage in Madera County, and 11.8 percent of Kern County's acreage, were grown using overhead trellises. Only 3.4 percent of Fresno County's acreage was devoted to this system.

Most California raisins are produced by sun drying after laying green bunches on paper trays on terraces between vine rows. The overhead trellis system has led to increased production of dried-on-the-vine raisins, increased machine harvesting, and decreased hand labor use.

Funding for this report and other raisin type grape acreage reports was provided by the Raisin Administrative Committee.

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