Admire insecticide wins full label on citrus

Bayer Corp, announces the Environmental Protection Agency and the California Department of Pesticide Regulation have accepted the registration of Admire 2 Flowable Insecticide for use in the citrus market.

“After several years of using a Section 18 label for Admire in the citrus market, we are pleased to finally receive a full label registration,” says Jimmy Johnson, market manager for Bayer. “Admire effectively controls red scale and a variety of other scale species, among the pests most threatening to the citrus market this year.”

Red scale attacks all parts of the tree. Fruit moderately infested with scales are downgraded at the packinghouse. Severe infestations may reduce crop production and cause fruit drop. The most serious damage is to tree health. Infestations often cause a yellowing of leaves, leaf drop and die-back of twigs and limbs.

Admire is a highly effective member of the chloronicotinyl class of chemistry that improves fruit size and quality by controlling the pests most harmful to the fruit.

Admire is applied in the soil, through irrigation systems. This method results in a targeted application to the tree's root zone, and it reduces the hassles of foliar applications.

“Recent plot trials prove the effectiveness of Admire for control of multiple pests in citrus, and it's an ideal partner in a resistance management program with many other current citrus products,” Johnson says.

“Admire is an excellent pest management tool for growers,” he says.

“It also complements existing Aphytis release programs. The Aphytis release program is an effective integrated pest management tool that aids in the management of red scale by utilizing its natural enemies — among them, parasitic wasps.

Admire also is labeled for control of aphids, leafhoppers (including the glassy-winged sharpshooter), mealybug, whitefly, and suppression of thrips. Admire offers growers short re-entry levels and pre-harvest intervals.

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