Agribusiness — New alternaria fungicide gets California Section 18 for almonds

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation (has granted Section 18 emergency exemption approval of Inspire fungicide from Syngenta for use on Alternaria in almond orchards.

“Alternaria can devastate an almond orchard,” said James Adaskaveg, professor of plant pathology, University of California –, Riverside. “California almond growers should be encouraged by this new tool to control this damaging disease.”

Though new to this market in the United States, difenoconazole has been used extensively for more than two decades in 96 other countries on more than 100 crops.

“Difenoconazole is one of the most powerful triazole fungicides available and offers years of proven performance to California almond growers,” said David Laird, fungicide brand manager, Syngenta. “Applied at low use rates, Inspire has high preventive and curative activity. Through translaminar movement, Inspire is rapidly absorbed into the leaves, providing strong residual control and protecting leaf surfaces.”

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