Agricultural Supervision Development Program is Oct. 14-16 in Salinas, Calif.

Space is still available in the Salinas Agricultural Supervision Development Program to be held in Salinas, Calif. from Oct. 14-16.

First-line supervision is a key to results for agricultural employers as well as workers, and uncertainties in the current business environment make it more important than ever.

Dealing effectively with physical, logistical, regulatory, and personal factors in ag production requires a mix of qualifications that few if any new supervisors bring to the job. But many can and do develop the knowledge, abilities, and skills they need, especially when company management helps.

Investments that equip crew leaders, foremen, and mayordomos to carry out their responsibilities better can pay off many times over in smooth production and cost control.

The Agricultural Supervision Development Program is designed to assist firms not only by building abilities of individual supervisors, but also by strengthening communications across levels of management that affect first-line supervisory functions.

The program has two complementary parts: (1) a two-day short course, in Spanish, for supervisors who are directly responsible for the work of production employees, and (2) a relatively brief seminar, in English, for middle or upper-level managers who normally rely on these supervisors or have a hand in company decisions that affect their performance.

A team from AgSafe, the Center for Agricultural Business CSU Fresno, and UC Cooperative Extension developed the ASDP and introduced it in February 2008. Some 180 supervisors and 100 managers have participated in the three presentations to date. They have been unanimous in recommending the program to others.

To make a reservation for the program, call (559-278-4404.

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