4 crops to 'watch' in La Paz County, Ariz.

Driving through rural areas in various states can be fun and a learning experience.

Driving through rural areas in various states can be fun and a learning experience. In Arizona, a drive through the Parker Valley in La Paz County is a worthy use of time, fuel, and rubber tires as one watches growing crops, including alfalfa, Desert durum wheat, cotton, and dehydrator unions.

The main road through the valley - known as Indian Route 1 and Mohave Road - connects Parker to the north to Ehrenberg in the south at the junction of Interstate 10 at the Arizona-California border.

The 'rural highway' is a bustling 35-miles stretch with rural folks operating farm equipment to plant, tend to, and harvest crops.

On the financial side, gross farm receipts in La Paz County totaled about $183 million in 2012, according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service. The top crops grown -acreage wise - were alfalfa for hay and Desert durum wheat.

Bucket your e-seat belt and enjoy these crop photos snapped during a late April drive.

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