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S&W advances 45 new proprietary alfalfa seed varieties

S&W Seed Company advances 45 new varieties for the dormant and non-dormant alfalfa seed markets, including varieties with multiple pest resistance, forage quality, and yield.

S&W Seed Company is advancing 45 new varieties for the dormant and non-dormant alfalfa seed markets, including varieties developed for multiple pest resistance and forage quality and yield.

The new dormant alfalfa seed varieties are the result of S&W's internal research and development group, which combines the expertise of three of the industry's leading alfalfa product development teams including S&W, Pioneer, and Seed Genetics International.

S&W's newly developed dormant varieties include the following traits:

  • High resistance to Aphanomyces root rot race 1 & 2, highest in the industry giving life of stand protection to this pest compared to relying on seedling fungicides;
  • High resistance to alfalfa stem nematode;
  • Tolerance to lodging; and
  • Highest disease resistance index possible in many products (DRI=35).

S&W's newly developed non-dormant varieties include those with these traits:

  • Improved disease resistance for most pests including Anthracnose, Phytopthora root rot, Aphanomyces, Verticillium wilt, stem nematode, aphids (pea, spot, blue, black), and;
  • The industry's highest salt tolerance.

S&W expects the advancement of these new varieties, which include three varieties exclusive to the Pioneer distribution channel, and 42 varieties that will be launched through the company’s new worldwide distributional channels, will help maintain and expand S&W's position as a go-to provider for alfalfa seed.


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