Almond Board, author introduce new recipes

Simplicity, versatility, wholesomeness…all found in Mother Nature's neatly wrapped bundle of tasty, crunchy and nutritious almonds. Also found in the refreshingly easy, “bare essentials” approach of Britain's culinary boy-wonder, Jamie Oliver, 25, chef and author of the No.1 best-seller The Naked Chef, and star of the television show by the same name, aired on the Food Network.

The Almond Board of California and Oliver teamed up recently to roll out new almond recipes that Oliver created for the board and introduced at the Product for Better Health Foundation's First International Food Synergy Conference in Washington, D.C. The new almond recipes reflect Oliver's simple, vibrant approach to cooking — using the best in quality, natural foods.

For more information on almonds, and to find the new almond recipes created by Jamie Oliver, visit

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