Almond Board CEO will direct strawberry group

The CEO of the Almond Board of California, Rodger Wasson will leave the board to become the president of the California Strawberry Commission on May 15. Wasson has been president and CEO of the Almond Board since 1992 when he moved from Denver, Colo., to assume the responsibility.

“My years with the almond industry have been the highlight of my career,” said Wasson. “While I will greatly miss the industry and our outstanding team at the board, the new opportunity with the Strawberry Commission is a very appealing new challenge.”

Ned Ryan, chairman of the Almond Board expressed the board's disappointment about losing Wasson but stressed the board is committed to finding another strong staff leader.

In the next few weeks the board leadership will develop a plan for the process they will follow to fill the CEO position.

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