Almond industry research, statistics report available

The most current information available on almond statistics, production research and environmental research are now available in three new publications from the Almond Board of California (ABC).

The 2004 Almond Almanac, Years of Discovery Production Research Compendium and 2004 Conference Proceedings are available to those interested in California's $1.5 billion almond industry.

The 2004 Almond Almanac combines, in one comprehensive source, two of the ABC's most critical functions: reporting statistics and distributing information. The statistical content spans 20 years of almond production, acreage and varieties, as well as shipment and market information. The annually produced piece also describes market trends and per capita consumption of almonds versus competing nuts.

The Years of Discovery - A Compendium of Production and Environmental Research Projects, 1972-2003, summarizes the research accomplishments supported by the ABC for the last 30 years. ABC research programs date back to 1969, when the almond industry requested that the USDA's Stored Product Insects Research Laboratory initiate a research program aimed at navel orangeworm control.

The 2004 Almond Almanac and the 2004 Conference Proceedings (limit one per person) are available at no cost. The Years of Discovery may be purchased for $25 per book plus $3 for shipping/handling (international shipping rates will vary). Any of these publications can be obtained by contacting the Almond Board at (209) 549-8262 or submitting a request to [email protected]. The 2004 Almond Almanac can be downloaded at

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