Almond shipments soar to all-time records

Domestic, export and total worldwide shipments all soared to new records in FY 2007-2008 ending July 31, reflecting strong global demand.

Overall, total shipments grew by 18 percent over the prior year to reach 1.26 billion pounds, compared with 1.07 billion pounds in FY 2006-2007. Exports accounted for a 69 percent share versus 31% shipped within the U.S., the single largest market for California almonds. Domestic shipments rose 7 percent during 2007-2008 compared to the same 12-month period a year ago to reach 394.8 million pounds.

Almond shipments to overseas markets increased 24 percent in FY 2007-2008 to 866.4 million pounds, led by strong growth to Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Notably, almond exports achieved new records every single month in FY 2007-2008.

The record shipments accompany the industry's largest crop ever, 1.38 billion pounds of almonds.

Western Europe and Asia remained the top two export destinations on a regional basis, with shares of 54 percent and 23 percent respectively. Exports to Western Europe grew 24 percent while exports to Asia grew 20 percent, driven by strong demand in markets such as India, China and Korea, where new shipment highs were recorded. In terms of individual markets, the top five export destinations were Spain, Germany, India, Japan and China.

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