Almonds hit 980 million meat pounds

The June objective almond forecast for the 2002-2003 crop year at 980 million meat pounds, is up 4 percent from the May subjective forecast of 940 million meat pounds and up 18 percent from this year's crop to date. The latest announcement was made by the Almond Board of California, which funds the forecast.

The average nut set per tree is 8,100, up 21 percent from the 2001-2002 almond crop. The Nonpareil average nut set of 8,043 represents a 25 percent increase from last year's set. The average kernel weight for all varieties sampled was 1.41 grams, down 12 percent from last year.

For additional information contact the Almond Board of California at (209) 549-8262 or visit

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