Amiad filters self-cleaning for savings

Made especially for low to medium flow applications, Amiad Filtration System's Scanaway and Brushaway filters provide excellent solutions to low cost filtration. Because they clean themselves, they mean high quality filtration and can do away with the need to keep buying bags and cartridges.

The Scanaway assembly is built of Polyacetal and has a central scanner with hollow wings facing the inner side of the filter screen. With the flushing port open, a turn of the handle rotates the scanner inside the screen, sucking the dirt from the screen surface and expelling it. This is done during the filtering process with no time or water loss. The Scanaway even has a red button that pops up signaling that it's time for cleaning, just like a Thanksgiving turkey! Quickly becoming a favorite in agriculture and industry, Scanaway filters are available in two-inch and three inch diameters and can handle flow rates up to 180gpm.

The Brushaway unit is made of nylon brushes on a central column touching the inside of the stainless steel filter screen. Turning a handle outside the filter causes the brushes to flick away dirt particles from the surface and expel them from a flush valve. Cleaning can be done during the filtering process without having to stop the water supply. Built of the highest quality Polyacetal, Amiad's Brushaway and Scanaway filters are immensely strong and durable, well suited to harsh environments.

Amiad Filtration Systems has a full line of filters available for irrigation and industry.

For additional information contact Amiad, 2220 Celsium Ave., Oxnard, CA 93030, (800) 969-4055.

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