AMVAC purchases Phosdrin

AMVAC Chemical Corp. has purchased the Phosdrin insecticide business of BASF Agro B.V.

The purchase includes all active registrations for the product, access to the underlying data for the registrations, and trademarks in 55 countries. AMVAC will take over the marketing of the product once the registrations are transferred this fall.

AMVAC has manufactured and formulated Phosdrin for the international market at its Los Angeles manufacturing facility since 1985 for Shell, American Cyanamid and most recently BASF. Additionally, AMVAC has been the primary data generator and data holder for the product since 1989. The acquisition is a necessary step to maintain AMVAC's international sales of Phosdrin.

AMVAC's other products include: Fortress, Vapam, K-Pam, Bidrin, Dacthal, PCNB, Dibrom, Durham metaldehyde granules, Amid-Thin, Citrus Fix, K-Salt, Fruitone, Tre-Hold and the azadirachtin products: Ecozin, Amazin and Ornazin.

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